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  • Business Advisory
    Business diagnostics, feasibilities, system support and advisory.
  • Finance
    Preparation, review and evaluation of financial feasibilities. Capital budgeting, profitability and cash-flow, payback and return projections for new and existing businesses, and projects.
  • Strategy
    Facilitation and advisory services on strategy and analysis. Restructuring and strategic reviews in challenged businesses situations.


  • General Management
  • Business & Financial Management
  • SME Support & Capacity Building
  • Marketing

Financial Advisory

  • Business and Project Finance
    Advisory on optimum capital structure, funding - sourcing and negotiation e.t.c.
  • Debt Management
    Documentation and negotiation, restructuring and packaging.

Investment Services

  • Retirement Planning
    Setting and sustaining retirement goals and priorities, charting income and expense profiles. Managing transition issues, health & lifestyle adjustments, estate planning, insurance and safety nets. New business ideas, incorporation, set-up and development, e.t.c
  • Investment Advisory & Wealth Management
    Asset allocation and investment options, account management and evaluation. Reconciliation, consolidation of accounts and benefits, and custodial resolutions.
  • Infrastructure and Asset Management Concession
    Consultancy, promotion, acquisition and advisory.  

Our Value Offerings

  • Combination of practical hands-on experience with age long, proven organisational, business and financial management concepts.
  • A blend of training and practical involvement tailored to suit varied management and business scenarios.
  • Provision of diverse professional faculties; trainers, project and financial analysts, facility managers, economic and financial consultants, research managers and project management teams.
  • Feedback on learning outcomes, post engagement trends and results.